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Content Research&Development Manager

  • London, England, United Kingdom

Job description

Main responsibilities

  • Coordinate Academic Knowledge Base to bolster Content, Sales, and Marketing efforts.

  • Research and propose solutions aligned with specified requirements.

  • Continuously leverage prevailing EdTech trends to rejuvenate and enhance content.

  • Spearhead AI research initiatives, advocating for optimal resource utilisation.

  • Curate and oversee annual events like Children's Day for stakeholders and content enhancement.

  • Ensure quality control of content through meticulous auditing of all lessons.

  • Supervise freelancers, including researchers and copywriters, to maintain efficiency and excellence.

  • Maintain portal relevance.

Job requirements


  • Minimum 2 years of R&D experience.

  • Proficiency in project management or team coordination.

  • Background in EdTech.

  • Track record of successful innovation.

  • Advanced computer skills.

  • Higher education qualification.

Attributes required

  • Adept communicator in diverse cultural settings.
  • Highly adaptable, thriving in dynamic environments.
  • Innovative, organised, and creative problem-solver.

  • Keenly attuned to educational trends, offering proactive recommendations.

  • Efficiently manage multiple tasks with precision.

  • Flexible and open to diverse responsibilities.

  • Independent, reliable, and focused professional.

  • Balancing independence with collaborative spirit.


  • Remote work

  • Full time

  • Work approximate European working hours