Novakid helps children all over the world to learn English in an engaging and effective way to assure their successful future in a dynamic world

We are on a mission to provide kids around the globe with no-barrier communication and access to the world’s knowledge base

Novakid Inc was ranked number 1 among online ESL platforms for children that serve European market in the study by the research company J'son & Partners. The study was conducted in March-June 2021, it estimates the total global online ESL learning market to be worth $10 billion in 2021, and its segment for children of all ages worth $3 billion. In 2021, the market for English language learning (traditional offline and online learning) hit a record of  1.7 billion learners. The largest ESL markets in Europe are GermanyFrance and Russia, whereas RussiaTurkey and Ukraine have the smallest share of English speakers (12-16%). Novakid was ranked 1st in Europe according to the number of active students, student satisfaction level, teacher education level, and teachers' experience.

In 2020, Novakid's business has grown 6 times and we are determined to maintain a dynamic pace of development in the future. For this, we have a professional team and the world's best investors.

NovaKid is a dynamic and ambitious venture born in 2017

The main goal of our platform is to create an environment for children
to learn English intuitively as if it was their native language. We do
it by encouraging children to communicate in English. To accomplish
this goal we continuously strive to advance and develop new
technologies, improve our teaching materials, and carefully select
teachers who are experienced in working with children. During the
lessons, teachers use different approaches to engage the student in
the learning process, such as visual aids, TPR physical response
techniques, and also interactive and collaborative learning games.

Novakid provides its customers a virtual classroom with interactive
features, optimized for teaching children in a remote fashion. Novakid's platform
works straight from the browser - no need to install any additional
programs or applications. All necessary materials are provided along
with the Novakid learning platform. Lessons are individual, all the
Teachers are  English-speakers.

If you have a growth mindset and you thrive working in a unique environment, you are probably a great fit to Novakid's team

  • Professional challenge: take part in building a new edtech unicorn
  • Professional challenge: unlimited powers to solve complex technical problems
  • Totally remote working environment with flexible working hours
  • Unlimited training opportunities, paid by the company
  • Strong and friendly team; career growth after 6 months in the company
  • Employee stock options